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Me and Other Labradoodles 

I am a Mix of poodle (dad) and another Labradoodle( mom) and I was born on May 31, 2009 at Gail's Labradoodles located somewhere North on the 101.  I met my mom and I was so sweet she fell in love at first sight.  My very first toy was an empty water bottle, and I still like to make the crunchy sound when I bite it.  When my mom is drinking water I bug her because I want the bottle when she is finished.


Why a website for a pet? Well as you know, I am very popular among both people and other dogs. Some even think I am a celebrtity.  My website gives me an excellent opportunity to share more about myself and educate you on the fabulousness of other labradoodles. And also at the same time, it gives my visitors disounts on pet product and discounts on pet related services.


I love that you all ask about me! Now you all will have the opportunity to check in with me directly, either on my site or directly to my email. 


 I am very sweet and loving and want to share with you many discounts and links related to information about other labradoodles, and  pet related services, such as pet food and toys and many other pet items.


As well I am sharing other websites that are among my favorites.  These include my trainer, my labradoodle breeder and my home away from home when my mom has to travel or if I just want a play date. You already know as a breed, we are smarter than most therefore, let me share with you some great prices and places to shop for pet related products and services.


 I have included some of my puppy pictures so you can see how big I have grown.  We have so much information to share so please keep checking back as I will be adding new links, coupons and discounts in the future. Just click on any of the links below to purchase pet services, and obtain fantastic discounts on pet related products.



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Below are some of my puppy pictures.  I was so cute!

Lisa Pincus Owner of Canine Communications
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My favorite Vet
My second home http://wagontailranchdogcare.vpweb.com/
My Groomer
My Breeder where I was born
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