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Veterinarian Information

It is hard to pick a veterinarian therefore I have outlined a few points to consider when choosing the right veterinarian.


Ask other pet owners


It is important to find out if your veterinarian  has 24 hour care, and if not where you have to go to get it in an emergency. 


Also ask if there will be someone with your pet if they have to stay over in the hospital overnight. 


Investigate if your doctor takes insurance and the process of submitting claims.


Location is important you do not want a vet too far from where you live. 


Watch how your dog or cat reacts when you take him/her to the vet.  It is true that pets are a good judge of character, and follow your instincts.  Just remember that some pets will remember and associates a negative experience at the vet and therefore be fearful, but if their reaction is intense you might want to investigate further. 


Keep a copy of your pet's veterinarian medical records                       

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